• Paperchine Products

    A World Leader in Paper Machinery Enhancement

    With over 50 years providing innovative, fully integrated customized technology solutions to the papermaking industry, Paperchine is uniquely positioned with complete paper machine project capability and is proud to be the single source that paper mills turn to worldwide when it comes to maintaining and upgrading their paper machinery.

    We are committed to the success of our customers - to maximizing the value of their installed asset base by developing and implementing state-of-the art technologies and parts they need. But technology and parts only tell part of the story. We are also committed to providing them with the expertise of the industry's most talented engineers and our world-class field maintenance service team - and we do it all with one mission in mind: to contribute to our clients' sustainable competitiveness. Because their success is our success.

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  • JohnsonFoils Products

    The JohnsonFoils Advantage

    With over 40 years of service to the paper industry, the JohnsonFoils brand offers superior system flexibility with the most complete range of forming, drainage and cleaning equipment available today.

    In addition, the JohnsonFoils brand of high-quality ceramic elements supplies the paper industry with a comprehensive source for the best innovative ceramic products on the market.

    To ensure that our products are compatible with paper machine clothing and optimize clothing life and performance, a close relationship is maintained between Paperchine and the AstenJohnson Team.

    Papermakers know that they can achieve optimum efficiency and exceptional paper quality with Paperchine's expertise and technologically advanced JohnsonFoils product line.

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  • VIB Systems

    Advanced Fluid Systems

    Advanced Fluid Systems

    As an advanced paper technology provider, Paperchine is pleased to offer the VIB Systems product line. The VIB Systems product lines offer a variety of cost-effective solutions to meet all requirements of the paper industry. The two primary product lines within the VIB Systems brand are the SteamShower and the SprayDampener.

    VIB SmoothTech


    The primary purpose of the SteamShower product line is moisture profile and quality control through the length of the machine. This product line is intended to provide equipment to control minor variations in the moisture profile and to remove other defects from the paper. The equipment offered can control the edge curl, smoothness, glossness, and moisture profile of the paper at any point throughout the paper run, leading to increased efficiency and reduced waste in both energy and material.


    The SprayDampener product line includes equipment with the primary purpose of adding moisture or other fluids to the sheet. Some applications of the equipment in the product line include spray sizing, spray coating and general moisture addition and control.

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  • Services

    Winder Service Work


    Paperchine offers professional services to review a mill's existing equipment and provides the expertise to ensure it's operating at its maximum efficiency and capacity. Paperchine's technicians and engineers have been servicing paper machines for decades and will get the job done right.

    Paperchine's desire for recognition of quality and its desire to be the best supplier of full size paper manufacturing equipment in the world means that it must also have top rated service. Each opportunity for Paperchine to show this excellence in quality is another step towards recognition as a top teir service provider and another opportunity to help improve the effeciency of a mills operation.

    Please choose the area of service you are interested in for more information. If you would like to speak with a Paperchine representative, please visit the Contact Page for more information.

    For more information on the services available, please visit one of the pages below:

    Paperchine is not limited to the services listed on the above pages. Paperchine offers services for almost every aspect of the machine and can also provide specialized services for most OEM equipment. For further inquiries please call us or contact us on the Contact Page.

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  • Spare Parts

    Spare Parts

    Fast and Reliable

    A piece of equipment will break down at some point during its lifecycle and when that happens it can effectively shutdown a mill until it is repaired. If this happens and replacement components are not readily available, it could take days, weeks, or even months to start up a machine again. Don't make the mistake of not being ready for the inevitable. Paperchine offers replacement parts for all OEM equipment and in many cases can improve upon existing design to give you the best parts possible.

    Paperchine is not limited to the replacement parts listed below. Paperchine offers spare parts for almost every part of the machine and can also provide spares for most OEM parts. For further inquiries please call us or contact us on the Contact Page.

    Replacement Parts - Attenuator

    • Bleed Valves
    • Attenuator Diaphragms
    • Attenuator Gaskets
    • Felt Cloth
    • Felt Supports
    • Foam Blocks / Supports

    Replacement Parts - Headbox

    • Lexan Sheets… plus new XL Sheets!
    • Slice Lips (Double Hump, Taper-Loc, Taper-Roc)
    • Apron Lips
    • Cheeking Pieces (Teflon and Metal)
    • Screw Jacks
    • Adjusting Rods
    • Adjusting Arms / Fingers
    • Rectifier Roll Bearings
    • Seals
    • Reducer Tubes

    Replacement Parts - Former

    • Former

    • Forming Zone Blades
    • Saveall Blades
    • Wire Guides
    • Wire Stretchers
    • Guide Valves & Paddles
    • Doctor Bearings
    • Doctor Oscillators
    • Bearing Housings
    • Removable Blocks
    • Breast Roll Lowering Arms
    • Breast Roll Removers
    • Wire/Cable Assemblies
    • Hose Assemblies
    • Suction Roll

    • Load Tubes
    • Taper Studs
    • Longitudinal Packing
    • End Packing
    • Packing Holders

    Replacement Parts - Press

    • Press

    • ENP Wiper Blades
    • ENP Shoe / Piston
    • Piston Seals & Springs
    • Felt Guides
    • Felt Stretchers
    • Guide Valves & Paddles
    • Guide Diaphragms
    • Doctor Bearings
    • Doctor Oscillators
    • Bearing Housings
    • Removable Blocks
    • AirSprings
    • Air & Hydraulic Cylinders
    • Screw Jacks
    • Suction Roll

    • Load Tubes
    • Taper Studs
    • Longitudinal Packing
    • End Packing
    • Packing Holders
    • CC Roll

    • CC Roll Shoe / Piston
    • Piston Seals & Springs
    • Taper Studs

    Replacement Parts - Dryer

    • Dryer Gear Case Seals
    • Dryer Head Capscrews
    • Rope Sheaves
    • Dryer Gears Lawton Agreement!
    • Dryer Gear Shafts
    • Steamfit Seal Plates
    • Steamfit Carbons
    • Dryer Head Gaskets
    • Manhole Covers
    • Manhole Cover Gaskets
    • Steamfit Gaskets
    • Steamfit Bellows
    • Steamfit Springs
    • Insulating Sleeves
    • Syphon Hoppers
    • Steamfit Syphon Pipes
    • Bearing Housings
    • Doctor Bearings
    • Doctor Oscillators
    • Guide Valves & Palms
    • Guide Diaphragms

    Replacement Parts - Size Press / Coater

    • Inflatable Tubes
    • Windjammers
    • Coater End Dams
    • Chamber End Seals
    • Coater Head Dial Indictors
    • Coater Backing Bars
    • Air Knife Lips
    • Edge Wipes
    • Lexan Slash Guards
    • Rubber Seals

    Replacement Parts - Calender

    • Calender

    • Bearing Housings & Caps
    • Lift Unit Components
    • Flingers
    • CC Roll

    • CC Roll Shoe / Piston
    • Piston Seals & Springs
    • Taper Studs

    Replacement Parts - Reel

    • Primary Arms
    • Primary Arm Hooks
    • Secondary Arms
    • Reel Drum Bearing Housings
    • Reel Rails
    • Reel Rail Wear Plates
    • Brake Blocks
    • Shock Absorbers
    • Brake Linings

    Replacement Parts - Mechanical Drive

    • Clutch Friction Disc’s
    • Transfer Case Gears and Shafts
    • Spiral Bevel Gear Sets
    • Hypoid Gear Sets
    • Clutch Driving Rings
    • Differential Shaft Assemblies
    • Differential Gear Units
    • Universal Joints and Inshafts
    • Pillow Block Bearings
    • Clutch and Brake Elements
    • Shim Sets

    Replacement Parts - Rolls

    • Suction Rolls

    • Load Tubes
    • Taper Studs
    • Longitudinal Packing
    • End Packing
    • Packing Holders
    • CC Rolls

    • CC Roll Shoe / Piston
    • Piston Seal & Springs
    • Taper Studs
    • IP Roll Agreement!
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  • About us

    Our Past

    Paperchine began as a vision shared by several former Beloit Corporation executives who were determined to establish a U.S. based company composed of top professionals dedicated to the paper industry. They formed the company in March, 2000, and have successfully grown the operation to its present state today. Twice Paperchine has been named one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. by Entrepreneur magazine.

    In 2011, Paperchine took another step forward through its merger with AstenJohnson. Paperchine and JohnsonFoils, a division of AstenJohnson, joined together to become what Paperchine is today. Paperchine has facilities and representatives strategically positioned around the world. Some of these locations can be found in the United States, Canada, Gemany, and Thailand.

    Our Present

    On July 1, 2017, ANDRITZ aquired Paperchine, Inc., from AstenJohnson Holdings Ltd. The acquisition - now ANDRITZ Paperchine - brings added products and papermaking experts to the ANDRITZ team, giving expanded capabilities at paper mills. Papermakers will benefit from an enhanced range of engineered solutions including Paperchine’s horizontal GapFormer, wet end drainage, forming, and VIB moisture profiling systems. ANDRITZ has also strengthened its engineering and diagnostic services with the tools and knowledge Paperchine experts bring. 

    Our Future

    Paperchine has an ongoing commitment to provide its customers with the highest quality products, services, and process knowledge in its pursuit of becoming the prefered supplier of the paper industry worldwide.

    Click here to learn more about ANDRITZ.



    We will continue to strive for excellence in all areas as we become the prefered worldwide supplier of papermaking technology. We will stay committed to the success of our customers. We will increase the knowledge base of our company. We will continue to be innovative and resourceful. We are proud to serve and to improve the industry.

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