Calender Rebuild


The Calender serves to further develop the pater into a smooth, glossy product through the use of heat and pressure. The primary purposes of the calender are can be summarized below.

  1. Increase the quality of the final product.
  2. Add smoothness, gloss, and uniform thickness to the final product.

Services Available

  • Engineering Service
    • Loading Capacity Audits
    • Mechanical Condition Audits
    • Process Audits/Troubleshooting
    • Full Machine Upgrades
    • Bearing Housing Design
    • Crown Calculations
    • Nip Impressions
    • Hydraulic Unit Audits
    • Flingers
    • Improved Roll Head Design/Replacement
    • Vendor Analysis
  • Mechanical Field Service
    • Optical Alignment of Calenders
    • Installation of CC Roll Components
    • Installation of Capital Equipment
    • Roll Changes
    • Supply and Installation of Guards
    • Supervise Mill Supplied Installation Crew
    • Project Planning and Scheduling
    • Supply and Installation of Framing
    • Supply and Installation of Gear Boxes

Products Available

  • Calender
    • Bearing Housings/Caps
    • Lift Unit Components
    • Flingers
  • CC Roll
    • CC Roll Shoe/Piston
    • Piston Seals & Springs
    • Taper Studs
  • Hydraulic Unit
    • Hagan Totalizers