Equipment and Parts

Rod Metering Size Press

Custom Solutions

Paperchine is able to supply custom sizing and coating solutions to meet all paper mill needs. Paperchine is also proud to say that it can offer some of the most competitive prices on size press and coating equipment in the world. Combining this with the experience and know how of Paperchine's designers and engineers, Paperchine is one of the world's leading supplier of Size Press and Coating equipment.

Size Press Equipment

  • Gate Roll Size Press
  • Puddle Size Press
  • Blade Metering Size Press
  • Rod Metering Size Press
  • Gate Roll Inversion Coater

Coater Equipment

  • Air Knife Coaters
  • Flooded Nip Coaters
  • Short Dwell Coaters
  • Jet Coaters
  • Curtain Coaters

Additional Equipment and Services

  • End Dam Retrofits for all OEM Equipment
  • Soft Baffle Conversions for all OEM Equipment
  • Drying Equipment
    • Spooner Air Turn
    • Spooner High Efficiency Air Drying
    • Marsden Gas IR Dryers
    • Megtex Air Drying
    • Solaronics Electric and/or Gas IR Drying
  • Auxiliary Equipment
    • Swing Roll to Load Cell Conversion
    • Controls Upgrades
    • Threading Systems
    • Web Guides
    • Sheet Run Modifications
    • Rods & Holders