Differential Gear Box


The driving force behind a papermill is, well, its drive system. A properly driven system will be less likely to suffer sheet breaks due to inconsistencies in machine speed. The main purpose of the drive section can be summed up below.

  1. Deliver power to mechanical components of the paper machine.
  2. Ensure consistent machine speed through the entire process.

Services Available

  • Machine Drive Speed ups - Differential or Belt Drive Systems

    In-depth analysis of existing drive components determines the actual speed limitation. Limiting components can be redesigned or replaced with up-to-date components.

  • Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP) Justification
    • Regular annual drive inspections and completion of required repairs virtually eliminate unplanned downtime due to failures
    • Preventing unplanned downtime can save thousands of dollars per hour
    • Allows maintenance planning through accurate assessment of rebuild requirements
    • Reduce operating costs by eliminating expedited shipping costs
    • Eliminate emergency travel requirements
  • Process, Technical & Maintenance Training

    Maintenance and operations training is an integral part of a complete PMP. Paperchine can provide a customized program to meet your specific needs. Training sessions discussing differential drive design, function, operation, inspection and assembly procedures, PIV's, Mechtronic® systems, and troubleshooting techniques can be presented at your mill site. A hands-on session may also be included to enhance the educational experience.

    Paperchine will examine in detail the mechanical components, lubrication flow, internal gear alignment and wear, proper bearing setup and gear tooth contact patterns. Paperchine will also propose the most cost effective maintenance program to meet your needs. With the assistance of 2-4 dedicated mechanics from Paperchine or provided by the mill, Paperchine differential drive technicians will:

Products Available

  • AGMA rated spur/helical gearing for line shaft drives.
  • Spiral bevel/hypoid gearing for Beloit right angle drives.
  • Planetary gearing for Kuster swim rolls.
  • Lawton cast gears for dryers.
  • Lawton taper cone pulleys for belt drive machines.
  • Replacement gearing for transfer cases.
  • Complete drop-in shaft assemblies for machine speedups.
  • Gearing inspections and complete installation.
  • Air/water cooled drum clutches w/ air and water controls.
  • Clutch conversions.
  • Mechtronic electric drive upgrade for Differentials.
  • Drive stands and drive piers with baseplates.
  • Inshafts, couplings, guarding, inch drives, pin lockouts.
  • Replacement friction discs for plate clutches.
  • Refurbished Differential Gear Drives
  • Differential Shaft Assemblies
  • Completed Differentials are Drive Tested
  • Mechtronic® the best replacement for PIV units
  • Safety Backstop & PIV Output Shaft Assemblies
  • Lineshaft or Transfer Case Lockout Device
  • New Gear Reducers and Transfer Cases
  • Inching Drives
  • Torquemeter
  • Drive Component Replacement Parts
  • Gear Replacement - Hypoid, Bevel, Spur or Helical
  • Lubrication - Requirements, Lubricators
  • Inshafts - All types
  • Shim Sets
  • Clutch & Brake Components