Adjustable Forming Board

DeltaPlatform™ Component

Adjustable Forming Board


The Forming board is specially designed to fit close to the breast roll nip. Its lead blade supports the fabric as the slice delivery lands on the forming fabric. The follower blades are useful papermaking tools for initiating the sheet forming process on the table.


  • Custom fitted to each machine
  • High inertial strength for vibration-free operation
  • Stainless steel external construction
  • Free discharge of doctored water
  • JohnsonFoils T-bars are mounted on full length, precision machined bearer bars for even, “streak-free” dewatering
  • T-bar mounting provides the flexibility to control the cover open area without removing the fabric
  • Multiple T-bar positions are spaced to match table pulse frequencies
  • Horizontally and vertically adjustable custom designed mounts provided with unit
  • Complete adjustability to accept jet impingement
  • Optional Machine Direction Adjustment (On the Fly)

Adjustment Accessory

On-the-run Horizontal adjustability of the forming board structure is a must for machines producing a wide basis weight range within a wide speed range. The movement allows for optimum jet inpingment geometry without sacrificing jet angle, and ultimately settling for less than perfect sheet qualities as a result.


  • All Stainless steel construction including gear box.
  • Repeatable and Accurate position indication to less than 1mm
    • Allows both pressure and velocity forming under optimized cut-through conditions
    • Jet-through and initial blade drainage decoupled from jet impingement angle
    • Heavy duty jack screws and cross shaft
    • Range of adjustment typically 50-125 mm