DeltaPlatform™ Component

DeltaFoil™ Unit


The DeltaFoil™ is a custom designed gravity drainage device that initiates stock activity on forming tables. The number of blades, the pitch, and the blade width and angle are designed to accommodate the grades and speeds of a specific paper machine.


  • Custom fitted to each machine
  • Stainless steel external construction
  • Harmonic blade spacing
  • Multiple T-bar position
  • High frequency pulse capabilities
  • High inertia strength for vibration-free operation
  • Vertical and angular adjustable blade options


  • Many widths and profiles are available to suit the requirements of your application
  • Blades are furnished in your choice of Endura UHMW polyethylene or full Ceramic material options. We also offer Polyethylene blades with Ceramic inserts.