Our experts have the experience and know how to optimize your paper machine and keep it running as efficiently as possible. From routine ceramic inspections to complete replacement and alignment of Former elements, we are at your service. Put our advantage to work for you.

Standard Services / On-Site

  • Thorough evaluation of all ceramics in the Forming and Press Sections with detailed reports provided
  • On-site ceramic grinding/repair services for minor and urgent needs
  • Our professional services help to prevent excessive fabric wear and/or fabric failure
  • Our Service Engineers help your Maintenance Department plan future work and replacement parts

Standard Services / In Our Facility

  • Ceramic regrind and repair services at our grinding facilities with detailed reports provided

Replacement & Alignment Services

  • Replacement of ceramic blades and covers on Fourdriniers, Top Formers and Gap Formers
  • Our Team has extensive experience performing replacement and alignment of Bel Baie Former Ceramic Elements
  • Alignment work helps to correct profile issues, prevent uneaven fabric wear and runnability problems
  • Detailed reports provided including the work performed, findings and our recommendations

Wet-End Study And Operational Evaluation Services

  • Complete wet-end Study done by our Experts using our Engineered Approach
  • Recommendations on drainage strategies, sheet forming process, power reductions, speed increase calculations, blade and cover design improvements, vacuum system and piping, and clothing cleaning and conditioning of fabrics/felts
  • On-site troubleshooting to assist operators in identifying causes of specific wet-end problems
  • Tackle sheet defects and quality issues, excessive fabric wear, sheet breaks, vibration and water handling problems