Stationary Fan Showers

Oscillating Needle Shower

Standard Features

  • Pressure ratings:
    • Model OS-1S — 700 psi
    • Model OS-1B — 700 psi
    • Model OS-2S — 700 psi
  • All 316L stainless steel welded construction
  • Split-top stainless steel shower mounting brackets
  • Easily replaceable 316 stainless steel nozzles
  • Water supply and oscillator mounting from front or rear side (except on brush showers)
  • Brush showers:
    • Easily replaceable stainless steel brushes
    • Full width nozzle and internal pipe cleaning
    • Brush handle and flush valve operate independently
  • Double pipe showers:
    • Outer pipe is designed to allow removal of the inner pipe (with nozzles) on the run, using the outer slotted pipe as a full width machine shower support
    • Oscillator is connected to outer pipe; this permits the inner pipe to be removed without the oscillator being disconnected

Available Options

  • Double pipe with internal brush nozzle cleaning system in inner pipe (OS-2B)
  • “Vacu-Clean” or “Auto Brush” for automatic nozzle cleaning
  • Oscillation packages:
    • Electric (Crank-Arm)
    • Electro/Mechanical (PLC)
  • Inlet filter (100 mesh)