Drainage Equipment


Drainage is an extension of the forming section in that it is critical in draining water from the slurry mixture and also in removing the water from the machine in an efficient manner. It also overlaps with the press in the removal of water and the formation of the sheet in the wet-end. Ultimatly the drainage section serves three critical functions:

  1. Assist in Removal of water from the slurry mixture.
  2. Support the sheet during the formation process.
  3. Drain water from the wet-end of the machine.

Superior Equipment

Paperchine offers the JohnsonFoils Brand of wet end drainage equipment which has superior system flexibility with the most complete range of forming, drainage and cleaning equipment available today.

In addition, JohnsonFoils’ brand of high-quality ceramic elements supplies the paper industry with a comprehensive source for the best innovative ceramic products on the market.

To ensure that our products are compatible with paper machine clothing and optimize clothing life and performance, a close relationship is maintained with the AstenJohnson Team.

Papermakers know that they can achieve optimum efficiency and exceptional paper quality with Paperchine’s expertise and technologically advanced products.