Foil Unit

Foil Unit


A Foil Unit is an open gravity drainage structure with multiple supports for foil blades or other papermaking elements.


  • All 316L stainless steel external construction
  • High inertial strength for vibration-free operation
  • JohnsonFoils patented T-bars are mounted on full length, precision machined bearer bars for even, “streak-free” dewatering
  • JohnsonFoils patented T-bars provide easy blade installation and removal
  • Vertically adjustable shake or stationary mounts included
  • Free flow designs for high or low frequency applications
  • Manufactured with the appropriate number of blade positions to suit your grade and speed range


  • Many widths and profiles are available to suit the requirements of your application
  • Blades are furnished in your choice of Endura UHMW polyethylene or full Ceramic material options. We also offer Polyethylene blades with Ceramic inserts.