Forming Board

Adjustable Forming Board


The Forming board is specially designed to fit close to the breast roll nip. Its lead blade supports the fabric as the slice delivery lands on the forming fabric. The follower blades are useful papermaking tools for initiating the sheet forming process on the table.


  • Custom fitted to each machine
  • High inertial strength for vibration-free operation
  • 316L stainless steel external construction
  • Free discharge of doctored water
  • JohnsonFoils T-bars are mounted on full length, precision machined bearer bars for even, “streak-free” dewatering
  • T-bar mounting provides the flexibility to control the cover open area without removing the fabric
  • Multiple T-bar positions are spaced to match table pulse frequencies
  • Horizontally and vertically adjustable custom designed mounts provided with unit
  • Complete adjustability to accept jet impingement

Lead Blade Options

  • Full width Ceramic with T-mount or dovetail mount
  • Full Ceramic segmented with dovetail mount
  • Endura UHMW polyethylene
  • MP Maximum Pressure design

Follower Blades

  • Manufactured in any width to adjust the open area of the cover
  • Can be manufactured to match any style of lead blade


  • Dovetail/T-adapters are available to convert dovetail mount to T-mount on new or existing forming boards
  • Splash guard can be added to prevent water from hitting the following unit
  • Machine direction movement can be automated