Single & Multi-Chambered HiVac Units


An optimized high vacuum system is the key to efficient and cost effective use of power on the wet-end of a papermachine. The JohnsonFoils brand is the leader in Vacuum System Engineering with the largest installed base and most experience with energy saving, multi-chamber high vacuum systems including piping and separator design. Let Paperchine save you money with quick payback & energy saving high vacuum system optimization projects.

HiVac Units




HiVac units are typically applied at or just after the wetline/dryline, depending on grade, to maximize sheet consistency before the couch. There are other HiVac specialty applications such as sheet transfer, and secondary sheet lay-down, using curved as well as flat cover configurations.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Designed to accept ceramic slotted covers on a fully machined surface
  • DurLoc® & Duramic® Covers utilize premium grades of ceramic to minimize dragload.
  • Designed to withstand negative pressure in excess of 20″ Hg (67.54 kPa)
  • Standard drum type or custom rectangular air/water separators available for all units
  • Custom built to suit all machine widths, speeds and grades
  • All units equipped with:
    • Custom mounting assemblies
    • 1/2″ (12.7 mm) vacuum gage/manometer connections on tend and drive sides
  • Available as single chamber or multi-chamber units:
    • DuoVac® — 2 chambers
    • TriVac® — 3 chambers
    • QuadriVac™ — 4 chambers
    • QuintiVac™ — 5 chambers
  • Multi-chamber units offer greater machine direction compactness, improved sheet drying efficiency and continuous coverage under steamhoods
  • Custom curved covers can be built to suit lead-in box or transfer box applications
  • Flat or curved covers available to accept secondary deliveries on multi-ply applications
  • Custom Super HiVac® available for suction couch replacement or other special applications
  • Autovac® HD-H for accurate control of vacuum levels
  • Unit and vacuum control systems are designed to specific grade and speed parameters to maximize dryness and minimize dragload.