Services & Preventive Ceramic Inspection

Our Technical Sales and Service Engineers periodically investigate existing ceramic condition to assess CD and/or MD wear profile, mechanical issues like cracks, thermal shock or sharp edges and other potential problems that could relate to inadequate drainage conditions. The design of each element is also taken into account during the detailed investigation so replacement items can be upgraded to higher standards if necessary.

In order to provide maximized fabric and ceramic life and to ensure that the best water removal process occurs, thorough ceramic inspections should be performed on a regular basis. This preventative maintenance is summarized in a comprehensive report which outlines short and long term actions.

Geometry Evaluation Services

Our Service Engineers provide specific service for twin wire former geometry evaluation. Optical alignment is only a tool to assist specialized Service Engineers in doing precise equipment positioning that will respect drainage behavior and papermaking best practices for optimal wet end performance. Our Service Engineers can assist with these multi-dimensional analyses when roll, ceramic or other drainage elements must be moved or replaced. Good profile and quality paper starts with a properly aligned forming zone!