Endura UHMW


UHMW Polyethylene: Virgin polyethylene suitable for all applications

Endura XL

Endura XL

Added antioxidants make this poly suitable for bleach board and pulp machine applications by extending blade & cover life in harsh chemical environments

Endura CF-R

Endura CF

Clay or Ceramic filled poly is gentle to paper machine clothing while extending blade & cover life

Endura GF-G

Endura GF

Glass filled poly is useful in high wear positions such as high vacuum and Uhle Box applications & extends life above other polyethylene offerings

Endura Plus

Wear optimized, partially cross-linked poly for use in the most demanding applications & environments


  • In our fully equipped facility, we can machine any standard or special shape to the closest tolerances available.
  • Our surfaces have ultra-fine finishes to prevent fiber hang-up.
  • All element and cover mounting styles can be supplied.
  • We remachine all blades and covers to economically extend blade life.


  • Forming boards, foil blades, IsoFlo blades, agitator blades, LoVac blades, HiVac covers, felt suction box covers and special designs.
  • Available in DuraFoil® Insert Blades. Polyethylene blade with Premium Aluminum Oxide insert segments for improved blade life.
  • Special applications and custom shapes available...contact us for more information.