Press Rebuild


The press serves several key functions in the paper production process. The press's primary function is to dewater the sheet, and it does so at a much lower cost than in the dryer section. It also acts to consolidate the sheet and develop important sheet properties before the sheet is transferred to the dryer section. It is important that the press transfer the sheet from the forming section to the dryer section efficiently.

  1. Removal of water from the sheet before drying begins.
  2. Consolidation of the sheet.
  3. Developing of desired sheet qualities.
  4. Efficiency of operation.

Additional Information

There are a wide variety of press configurations. Press rolls, felt runs, and sheet runs are configured to optimize press performance for a specific grade at a given speed. Historically presses consisted of rolls nipped together. Most modern press arrangements now also incorporate a shoe press.

  • Roll Press
    • Suction presses with a through drilled suction roll shell to apply vacuum to the sheet for high dewatering capability.
    • Vented presses with a roll cover that is vented either by grooving or blind drilling of the cover. These presses can operate at a higher nip load and maximize final sheet dryness.
  • Shoe Press
    • Shoe presses replace one of the press rolls with a concave shoe inside a blanket or sleeve that matches the radius of the mating roll. Shoe presses are capable of applying much higher pli nip loadings than a roll press and achieve higher dryness levels due to the longer machine dwell time afforded by the shoe.
    • Older shoe presses are of an open blanket style (original design); modern shoe presses are of a closed blanket style.

Services Available

  • Press Rebuilds and Replacements
    • Designed to meet grade and production requirements
    • Press optimization for better runability and energy savings
  • Transfer Rebuilds
    • Increased operating efficiency
  • Press operational analysis

Products Available

  • Replacement Parts for:
    • Presses
    • Suction Rolls
    • CC Rolls
  • Engineered Products at mill's request
  • Upgrades and Rebuilds for all press components