Reel Rebuild


The reel serves as the final part of the paper making process. The reel has to keep pace with machine production without damaging the final product. The purpose of the reel can be summarized as follows.

  1. Wind a continuous web of paper into "Jumbos/logs" that can be processed in subsequent operations.

Additional Information

Features of the reel include:
  • Primary/Secondary Arm Level Rail Reel

    Standard reel with all the basic components (reel drum, reel spools, primary arms, secondary arms, spool starter, turn-up equipment, brakes).

  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic Loading

    Hydraulics used where forces are high (wide machines, heavy reel spools), and fine nip control is required (lightweight paper, tissue grades). Pneumatics used where forces are relatively low, and nip control requirements are less stringent.

  • Linear/Pivoting Secondary Arm Design

    Pivoting secondary arm design is simple from equipment perspective, produces non-simple relationship between nip and cylinder force. Linear secondary arm design produces simple relationship between nip and cylinder force, at the expense of more real estate for the equipment.

  • Centerwind Assist

    Provides torque to jumbo with a drive directly coupled to the spool. Used for paper grades that require very low nips, such that adequate torque can’t be transmitted through the nip to the winding jumbo. Used for paper grades that require very low nips where there is not enough torque transmitted through the nip to drive the jumbo.

Services Available

  • Reel Audits
  • Alignment Services
  • Process Improvements
  • Reel Spool Analysis
  • Project Evaluation, Justification, & Management
  • Direct Replacement Parts or Machine Upgrades & Rebuilds

Products Available

  • Primary Arms
    • Cross Shafts & Pinion Gears
    • Gear Segments
    • Bushings at Primary Arm Bore
    • Hooks & Slides
    • Air & Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Spool Brakes
    • Pads
    • Cylinders
  • Framework
    • Rail Wear Strips
  • Engineering Design
    • Bearing housings and caps
    • Vendor analysis
    • Replacement parts
    • Not limited to Beloit equipment
    • Designers will work with mill’s request and design components that the mill wants & needs
  • Upgrades and Rebuilds
    • Primary arm replacement
    • Secondary arm replacement
    • Reel spool replacement
    • Turn-up system upgrades
    • Reel spool brakes
    • Framing replacement
    • Loading upgrades & hydraulic conversions
    • Complete reel
    • PLC or DCS programming
    • Control component upgrades
    • Low friction primary arms and secondary arms
    • Centerwind assist drive upgrades
    • Reel Spool Storage/Loading Systems