GlossTech SteamShower


Paper and Board Mills making high-quality paper, need a level sheet moisture profile through the entire length of the machine. Today with SteamShower product line, superior performance in the moisture profile is achievable. The primary purpose of the SteamShower family is two fold in that it serves to control the sheet moisture at various points in the machine and it serves to develop improved sheet qualities.

  1. Control sheet moisture in different sections of the machine.
  2. Improve sheet qualities.

The SteamShower Family

  • SteamTechSC - Press Section SteamShower
  • SteamTechFF - Fourdrinier Flat SteamShower
  • SmoothTech - Soft and Multinip Calender SteamShower
  • GlossTech - Super Calender SteamShower for SC and LWC
  • MoistureTech - On-Line Moisture Application
  • CurlTech - On-Line Curl Control