Super Calender SteamShower for SC and LWC

Paper mills making high gloss paper need a specified level of gloss and smoothness after the surface treatment in the super calender. The GlossTech's unique steam application technology allows the achievement of superior grades in gloss, surface roughness and smoothness. The GlossTech is a minimum size type of steamshower for super calender and off-line multinip calender. Our advanced technology allows the Profiler Systems to provide a high performance reliable steam profiler with zone spacing down to 75 mm. This, along with our long life reliable pneumatic actuators, provides superior benefits for today's paper makers.

Advanced Profiler Control Systems

The most important properties of a calender steam-shower are its capability and its ability to raise sheet gloss level without delamination and sticking on the calender rolls. These properties will improve the sheet's cross-directional gloss profile and optimize the level, two sidedness and runnability. With the GlossTech in the calender, simultaneously managing gloss profile and gloss target is achievable.

The compromise between quality increases and profiling capability has been eliminated by increasing the velocity of the steam jets onto the web.

The GlossTech has a cross directional header to make the profiler absolutely drip free. The steam header collects all condensate which might come from the steam supply and assures that only dry steam reaches the profiling valves. The profiling zone is fully compartmentalized, supplying high velocity steam to each cross direction compartment via a separate, uniquely designed actuation valve that allows optimum zone definition and precise control. The spring loaded profile valves assure immediate steam shut-off at sheetbreak. These proprietary control valves assure finest control of steam amount to prevent delamination on coated grades. The patented integrated control tech¬nology assures sophisticated calender control with limits for different grades. The GlossTech heating system assures that the steam shower is always hot and immediately ready for steam application.

Primary material for GlossTech is stainless steel 1.4571 (316 Ti). Special material system of the diffuser plate assures complete heating even during extended sheetbreaks.

Control StationECS is an Electronic Control Station that manages the control of the pneumatic actuators. Each actuator is controlled with an I/P-converter with a control signal from 0.4 to 2 bar (6 - 30 psi). Setpoints are sent from the control stationIPS using measurement system data.

Control StationIPS is an Integrated Process Station that serves as the central process point for the system. It contains the integrated MD/CD control, the operator visualization package, discreet I/O functions and the intelligence to manage the total actuator control system.

Benefits to the Paper Industry

  • Increased gloss for improved new grades.
  • Flatter gloss profiles and caliper profile can be achieved simultaneously.
  • Control of two-sideness by using GlossTech on top and bottom side.
  • Narrow spacing of the actuator can be defined based on the desired profiling effect.
  • Optional feedback of the actuator position ensures reliable functioning of the GlossTech Profiler.
  • Provides better edge performance for improved reel building.
  • Gloss increase for LWC grades of 5-10 %
  • Gloss increase for SC grades of 6 - 12 %.
  • CD gloss 2-sigma improvement of 60 %.
  • Efficiency increase of the production line with integrated gloss control of 3- 4 %.

Technical Features

  • Steam dryer header in cross direction.
  • Steam heating system.
  • Diffuser plate special material.
  • Integrated CD and MD control including discreet I/O functions (interlocks, loops).
  • Profiling zone spacing down to 75 mm means high profiling capability.
  • Rigid construction, material 316 Ti.
  • LAN or Serial Link communications for connection to the measurement system.

Technical Specifications

  • Pneumatic Actuator
    Body material 1.4404
    Control signal 0.4 - 2 bar (6 - 30 psi)
    Position indicator
  • Steam Outlet Plate
    Copper material with diffuser pattern
  • Stainless Steel
    Primary 1.4571 (316 Ti)
  • Steam Pressure
    0-1bar, 0-15 psig


  • Pneumatic retraction
  • Hydraulic retraction
  • Steam supply engineering
  • PosiTrak position feedback
  • Turnkey installation