Engineering Technical Service

Proper papermachine upkeep involves both preventative, routine maintenance service as well as specialized mechanical service for certain sections of the machine. Paperchine continues to develop capabilities in both all areas to help you maximize the value of your machinery.

Our mechanical and maintenance service personnel are papermachine experts who have developed their expertise working specifically in the paper industry on all OEM machines. Engineering and technical specialists are available globally to provide sectional audits for capacity or grade changes, specialized diagnostic and engineering services, process optimization, or furnish and sheet structure analysis. We are your single source for service expertise, project management, and custom rebuild solutions.

Sectional Audits and Process Optimization

Paperchine experts are available to assist with mechanical and process optimization to maximize your machine’s performance from the headbox through the winder.

  • Sectional Audits

    • Grade changes
    • Capacity Increases
    • Bottleneck Identification
    • Hydraulic capacity evaluations
    • Vacuum audits
    • Drive calculations
    • Structural stability of equipment
    • Roll size and balance calculations
    • Crown calculations
    • Press dryness projections
    • Drying capacity projections
    • Winder capacity studies
    • Safety evaluation
  • Process Optimization

    • Trial grade optimization
    • Defect analysis
    • Streak and basis weight profile evaluations
    • TSO profile analysis
    • Lint and curl reduction
    • Runnability improvements
    • Hivac operational optimization
    • Cleanliness improvements
    • Sheet handling recommendations
    • Reel nip relieving studies
    • Winder cycle time evaluations

Diagnostic and Engineering Services

Our engineering and technical specialists have access to the latest tools and software to ensure your machine is operating at its optimal capacity.

    Diagnostic Services

    Process Variability Studies
    • Basis weight
    • Pulsation/vibration
    • Thin stock consistency
    • Mill process signals

    Vibration Evaluations
    • Speed increase analysis
    • Existing troubleshooting

    Laser Doppler Velocimetry
    • Jet velocity
    • Draw measurement
    • Local fabric speed and drag

    Machine Alignment
    • Laser alignment
    • Optical alignment
  • Engineering Analysis

  • Finite Elemental Structural Analysis (FEA)
    • Live machine loading
    • Stress & deflection
    • Resonant frequencies

    Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) flow studies
    • Stock approach
    • Headbox
    • Steam profiling
    • Starch application

Furnish and Sheet Structure Analysis

    Layered Sheet Analysis
    • Visual analysis information and defect evaluation
    • Z- direction fiber orientation analysis
    • Cockling source analysis

    Furnish and Sheet Characterization
    • Specific filtration resistance
    • Yield stress
    • Crowding factor analysis
    • Strength projections at future TSI ratio and trial furnish composition
    • Low cost furnish strength projections

    • Headbox streak analysis
      • Basis weight
      • Fiber Orientation
    • TSO Optimization
    • Anisotropy analysis