Mechanical Service

Proper papermachine upkeep involves preventative, routine maintenance service as well as specialized mechanical service for certain sections of the machine. Paperchine continues to develop capabilities in all areas to help you maximize the value of your machinery.

Our mechanical and maintenance service personnel are papermachine experts who have developed their expertise working specifically in the paper industry on all OEM machines. Mechanical service technicians are available globally to assist with sectional mechanical tune-ups, refurbishment and alignments from the headbox to the reel, installation of any OEM equipment, mechanical and process audits, as well as optimization services. We are your single source for service expertise, project management and custom rebuild solutions.


  • Straighten headbox apron and honing
  • Polish headbox; hydraulic or air-pad
  • Supply and install:
    • Slice lips, any OEM’s
    • Apron Lip, any OEM’s
    • Attenuators and all Attenuator parts
    • Rectifier Rolls & Bearings
    • Rectifier Roll Drives and Controls


  • Optical alignment of former components
  • Installation of guides, stretchers, save-alls, cantilever bolts
  • Installation of capital equipment
  • Re-cantilevering the former


  • Optical alignment of press components
  • Supply & install:
    • Guides
    • Stretchers
    • Cantilever Bolts
    • Air Rides
    • Hydraulic components
  • Installation of capital equipment
  • ENP Shoe replacement & module rebuilds
  • Re-cantilevering the press


  • Optical Alignment of dryer components
  • Installation of:
    • Guides
    • Stretchers
    • Cross Shafts
    • Air Rides
    • Hydraulic components
  • Installation of capital equipment

Size Press/Coaters

  • Optical alignment of Size Press/Coater components
  • Installation of heads
  • Installation of capital equipment
  • Supply of Edge Wipes
  • Supply and installation of pans
  • Air knife lip reconditioning and replacement


  • Optical alignment of calenders
  • Installation of CC roll components
  • Installation of capital equipment
  • Supply and installation of guards


  • Installation of complete reel components
  • Reconditioning & repairs
  • Optical Alignment


  • Installation of complete winder components
  • Reconditioning & repairs
  • Optical alignment
  • Supervision of mill-supplied work crews
  • Project planning and scheduling


In-House Repairs

  • Refurbish Differential Gear Drive Units
  • Rebuild Differential Shaft Assemblies

Field Service

  • Differential Drive & Transfer Case Inspection
  • CC Roll & Yankee Dryer Gear Box Rebuild


  • Vacuum Conveyor Belt System Servicing
  • Air Tray System Servicing
  • Tail Threading Process Optimization
  • Tailcutter Servicing
  • Threading Equipment Modifications
  • Annual Threading Service Agreements