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Clean stock from the cleaner system.


A substance that yields hydrogen ions in water solution.


The measure of the amount of acid in a solution.

Active Alkali

The chemical content of liquor measured as Na20 equivalent.


Materials other than stock which are used to make paper.


Any viscous substances used to attach one material to another.

Against The Grain

Applied to paper folding when fold is made at right angles to grain of the paper.

Agitator (Mixer)

A mechanical blade used to maintain stock in suspension or to mix water and chemicals.

Air Compressor

Mechanical means for compressing air to desired pressure. Compressed air is distributed by pipe throughout the mill for the operation of tools, air valves, and various instruments.

Air Dried

The artificial drying of paper by contact with air over skeleton dryers after the paper has been surface sized.

Air Dry

Unit of measure (usually tons) where pulp contains 10% moisture by weight.

Air Lock Feeder

A blower designed to transport solid materials through a pipe.


Spraydampening system with fine droplets to increase paper moisture level and control moisture profile.

Airtechplus 6

Spraydampening system with micro droplets to increase paper moisture level and control moisture profile.


The measure of the hydroxyl in concentration of a solution.


Aluminum sulfate. A chemical added to set the rosin size in the paper. Also used as a precipitating agent to clarify raw water in the accelerator.

Apparent Density

The weight per unit volume of the sheet. It is commonly calculated by dividing the basis weight by the caliper, although it must be recognized that the numerical value thus obtained is dependent upon the definition of the ream.


(1) Observation by sight of the color, finish, cleanliness and formation of paper. (2) The effect upon the sense of sight resulting from observation of the color, finish cleanliness and formation of papers.


A moveable strip located below the slice. It reaches from the head box to the center line of the breast roll and can alter the head box delivery by being placed either in front of or behind the breast roll center line.

Aqua Purge Showers

A high-pressure fan shower used to clean and dewater the grooved rolls on the paper machine.