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Biochemical Oxygen Demand. The measurement of the oxygen deficit created by the waste in the effluent.

Baby Dryer

(1) A small dryer used as a lead in to the main dryer section. (2) A single drying cylinder of small diameter.


The pressure between a pump and a valve or header.


The untended side of the machine.


The assistant paper machine operator. Stationed at the dry end of the machine and assisted by the third hand and other machine hands.


A micro-organism that is very beneficial in breaking down the waste particles in the effluent system.

Balance Condenser

A heat exchanger which is used to condense exhaust steam from the turbine generator, allowing condensate to be returned to the boiler.

Barking Drum

Large rotating cylinder in which pulpwood sticks are tumbled against one another to remove the bark.

Barometric Leg

A water column, which is maintained by a water seal such as a tank that is used to help hold and create a vacuum.


Calender stack vibration or poor grinding.


A substance that yields hydroxyl ions in water solution. Commonly referred to as caustic solutions.

Basis Weight

(1) The weight of a grade of paper for a given surface area. (2) The weight in pounds of a ream (either 480 or 500 sheets) of paper cut to a given size. The standard size ream varies with different grades of paper according to trade practices.

Basis Weight Valve

The valve that is used to give a constant flow of stock for a given surface area.


A mechanical device used to support a shaft or other moving part to prevent friction between the parts.


A large mixer in which the pulp is mixed with the other ingredients of paper.

Beater Sized

Paper for which the size has been added to the pulp in the beater before the pulp is dispersed to the paper machine for fabrication.


(1) A mechanical distortion of paper, i.e., paper tightly wrapped around a small core. (2) A mechanical distortion of paper, such as would be obtained by paper tightly wrapped around a small core.


A chemical used to whiten paper pulp; a solution of chlorine or similar chemicals.

Bleach Plant

A part of the pulp mill where chemicals are used to brighten the pulp. Our bleach plant has a five-stage bleaching sequence.

Bleached High Density Storage

A tile chest used to store bleached pulp at 10-12% consistency.