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Environmental Protection Agency. An agency created by Congress to maintain control of air and water pollution, and to establish standards of air and water quality.


A liquid discharged from a source, whether treated or not.


A finish imparted on paper by means of raised or depressed engravings on steel rolls so as to leave a visible surface design on the paper.


The process of dispersing one liquid in another when the two liquids normally do not mix.

English Finish

A finish between machine finish and supercalendered in the degree of smoothness.

Envelope Paper

A term used to describe certain grades of paper commonly used for manufacturing envelopes.

Equalizing Chamber

A chamber on the head box where the stock is mixed after the tube bundle to ensure a homogeneous mixture.

Equivalent Weights Of Paper

Indicates equivalent weights of paper of different sizes and different ream weights but of identical basis or substance weights, i.e., 25 x 38- 50 is equivalent in substance to 32 x 44- 74.


That property of a sheet which permits writing on the sheet to be removed by erasure and which resists erosion by erasure. After erasure, the sheet should present a satisfactory appearance on the erased area and permit rewriting on the erased area.


The gradual wearing away of metal from the lining of tanks and piping caused by turbulence of the liquid being pumped through the system.

Exhaust Fans

Fans used to remove moisture laden air from the dryer hoods.


A change in the dimensions, usually cross grain direction, of a sheet of paper due to absorption of moisture.

Extensible Paper

A stretchable paper with a smooth appearance and high energy absorption properties. A controlled amount of stretch to meet specifications may be imparted in a number of ways, either on or off the paper machine by methods generally differing from those used to produce creped papers. Extensible papers, made in a variety of basis weights and grades, are used for multi-wall sacks, packaging, converting, laminating, wrapping, etc.