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A stainless steel roll with a spiral groove with crown control. Used in the press section for two of the press nips.

Gas Cylinder

Cylinders filled with propane gas to be used on industrial trucks.


A piece of machinery which causes motion and by which a mechanical advantage can be achieved.


Paper surface quality measured by light reflection. The paper industry has different types of measurements, such as Hunter gloss and Lehmann gloss.


Minimum size type of steamshower for supercalender and off-line multinip calender.


An identification or description of a particular paper or pulp based on its use, appearance, quality, method of manufacture, raw materials, or a combination of the factors. Some grades have been officially identified and described; other grades are commonly recognized but lack official definition.

Grain Direction

"(1) Synonymous with machine direction. Opposite of cross direction. (2) The direction taken by a majority of the fibers in any sheet of paper. Synonymous with ""machine direction,"" the opposite of ""cross direction."""


Rough finish due to shrinkage of paper, particularly at the edges of the web.

Guide Palm

This is the palm that is used to send a signal to the guide roll for automatic guiding of felts and fabrics. The felts or fabric edge rides on the palm and is located near the automatic guide roll.

Guide Roll

A moveable roll which is used to keep the fabric and felts running true.


An instrument for trimming paper with a downward cutting action similar in operation to the guillotine once used for executions in France.