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I/P Converter

The I/P converter converts the analog setpoints (values) from 4 - 20 mA into pneumatic control pressure for the valves.

Industrial Relations

The department responsible for the administration of the labor contract.

Inner Fabric

A plastic fabric run in the press section inside the pick-up felt run to help eliminate shadow marking and to aid in felt water removal.


The instruments and automatic control equipment that monitor the variables of a process or control and manipulate the equipment.

Integrated Process Station (Ips)

The Integrated Process Station (IPS) serves as the central process point for the system. It contains the integrated MD/CD control, the operator visualization package, PLC functions and the intelligence to manage the total actuator control system.


The amount of material in stock at a given time. This may be expressed in dollars, tons, units, etc.


A papermaking device used to manufacture single or multi-ply grades of paper and paperboard. The stock flows from a head box to a bottom wire (similar to a fourdrinier) and is then joined by a top wire so that water removal from the stock is accomplished through the top wire as well as the bottom wire. In multi-ply operation the bottom wire and formed web continue under subsequent head boxes where additional plies are laid down. Each head box is followed by another top wire. For each additional ply thus laid down virtually all of the water removal is upward through the top wire. The machine is capable of extremely high operating speeds.

Issue Clerk

The Storeroom Clerk that distributes storeroom items at the issue window.