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Lap Machine

Machine to produce sheets or laps of pulp for storage.


A roll used for the lead-in of a nip. A roll before a nip or section. Such as the lead-in-roll at the winder and the lead-in-roll at the size press.

Load (Leveling) Chest

Stock chests for storage of stock in the paper machine area prior refining. Consistency adjustments are made here.

Lock Out

A safety procedure involving a padlock on an electrical breaker box or chaining a valve in the closed position to prevent accidental use of the equipment during maintenance work.

Low Density (Pulp)

Pulp or stock of a consistency below 4% pulp fibers, the remaining being water.

Low Finish

A finish of paper which shows no glaze or gloss.


The application of oil, grease, or similar materials to a rubbing surface to reduce friction and wear.