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Usually used in reference to the paper machine.

Machine Chest

A chest for holding the refined stock and for making consistency adjustment prior to adding it to the fan pump.

Machine Direction

"The direction of paper parallel to its forward movement on the paper machine. This is also called ""with the grain"". The direction at right angles to this is called the cross direction."

Machine Dried

The process of drying paper on the paper machine by passing the damp sheet or web over steam-heated cylinders or drums.

Machine Finish

The finish applied on the paper machine. The finish is usually in a wove or laid design and is between Vellum and English finish in smoothness. The finish is commonly referred to as M.F.

Machine Glazed

The finish produced in glaze on the wire side of a sheet as it is passed in contact over a single, large diameter, steam-heated cylinder on the Yankee Machine.

Machine Wire

"The continuous, copper meshed wire which is the travelling surface upon which the web of paper is formed. It is usually referred to as the ""wire""."


Keeping all equipment, tools, building, and grounds in good condition.

Maintenance Mechanic

Performs maintenance, repair, and installation activities for equipment, facilities, and grounds.

Maintenance Shop

The centrally located maintenance area equipped with tools and machines to handle major repair and fabrication work for the mill.

Making Order

Any order which cannot be filled from stock and is to be made according to purchaser's specifications.


A vertical belt with platforms attached so that a person may stand on them and ride up or down to different levels or floor. Safety training required.

Metering Pump

A small pump used to pump small amounts of additives by adjusting the pump stroke for various flows.

Micro Adjustors

Slice adjustment for localized changing of the basis weight profile.


The term generally used to refer to the entire manufacturing facilities. Synonymous with plant.

Mill Brand

A paper whose name is given by the manufacturer such as Nekoosa Bond or Ardor Bond. Private brand papers are named by the merchant.

Mill Water

Water that has been treated in the accelerator and is ready for use throughout the mill.

Mimeo Bond

(1) Writing paper used for making copies on a mimeograph machine. Significant properties are; opacity, absorbency, low finish, no fuzz, scuff resistance, good writing and printing qualities. (2) A grade of writing paper used for making copies on the mimeograph machine. Bleached chemical wood pulps and mixtures of fibers are used. Opacity, finish, absorbency, no fuzz, scuff resistance and mimeographing qualities are significant properties. In addition to good mimeographing qualities, it must have good writing and printing qualities which make it suitable for pen and ink signatures and certain types of printing.


The water content of a sheet of paper of pad of pulp.

Moisture Content

The percentage of moisture found in finished paper. The amount varies according to atmospheric conditions because paper may either absorb or emit moisture.