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Nash Pumps

Pumps used to create a vacuum on the flat boxes and press section.

Needle Showers

High-pressure showers used to keep fabrics and felts from filling up.


A strong and wood-containing rotary printing paper that has been machine finished or supercalendered (40-56 g/m²). The raw material used for this is predominantly recovered paper. Due to the fact that its use as a carrier of information is short lived, the demands placed on the paper regarding its visual quality and printability are lower than those placed on other paper (e.g. coated paper). Generally, it is assumed that only low-resolution images can be printed. The impact of light and oxygen cause the paper to yellow. The newsprint must possess qualities that allow it to run through the machine well. Today's modern printing techniques require paper with high tear resistance so that the flow of the rapid production machines is not interrupted. Newsprint is used for daily, weekly and advertising newspapers. It is mainly processed in offset printing and increasingly for colored editions.


(1) The area between two rolls where the actual contact is made. (2) The point of contact between two rolls, as in a calendar stack.


Small fiber bundles formed during the pulping process.


Gases released during the evaporation of black liquor include O2, LO2, and H2O, which must be vented to the atmosphere to prevent heat transfer problems in the dryers.


A measure of the concentration of a chemical solution.