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Off Machine Silo

A tile chest into which the white water from the wet end drains.

Offset Paper

"A paper designed for use on offset presses with general characteristics to resist distortion from stretching of shrinking. Good pick strength, no fuzz, and a smooth surface which will take ink evenly without ""set off'."


"(1) A measure of how well the finished paper scatters light. (2) That property of a paper which prevents ""show-through"" of dark printing, etc., on or in contact with the reverse of the sheet."

Oscillating Shower

High-pressure showers on a paper machine that move back and forth to clean rolls, felts, etc.

Outturn Samples

Paper samples sent to customers. A sample of the paper which will be shipped to him.

Oven Dry (Bone Dry)

A method of determining of moisture content of paper or pulp by placing it in an oven and drying it completely.


A quantity of paper in excess of the amount ordered. Trade practices permit a certain amount for over-runs and under-runs.

Overflow Channel

Used to maintain a constant level in the head box. Also removes foam or other impurities that come to the surface.