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The crisp, crackling sound produced upon shaking or crumpling a sheet of paper to indicate its rigidity or stiffness.

Raw Stock

Pulp which has not been refined.

Raw Water

Untreated water as it is received from the water supply canal.


A quantity of paper - usually 500 sheets for most papers, some tissues 480 sheets.

Recirculation Pump

Pump used to circulate the excess stock from the tapered header on the head box back into the system.


An untrimmed roll of paper of full machine width wound on a large shaft or spool at the dry end of the paper machine.


A mechanical device used to grind pulp fibers and change their physical characteristics before they are used to make the finished paper.

Refiner Plates

Grooved discs mounted inside a refiner used to cut or fibrillate the fibers.


A general term applied to several operations, all of which involve the mechanical treatment of pulp in a water suspension to develop the papermaking properties of hydration and fibrillation and to cut the fibers to the desired length distribution.


An instrument for the optical measurement of the solid content of a solution (starch).


(1) Paper – a type of bond paper for multiple uses: (2) Printing – when a design or form is printed in parts, as in multiple colors, it is essential that all parts match exactly. When they do, they are in register, otherwise they are out of register.


Stock and wood dirt rejected by the cleaning system.


The person relieving a worker on a shift and performing the same job on a succeeding shift.

Retention Aid

A chemical additive to paper that aids in retaining fillers and fines in the sheet.


A machine which takes rolls from the machine winder and slits and/or rewinds them into small rolls.

Rider Roll

A roll on the winder that rides on top of the winding rolls. Aids in structuring the finished rolls.


In addition to its many normal uses, endless ropes made of cotton or nylon are used to convey the sheet through the dryers on the paper machine during threading.