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Refers to swimming rolls. These rolls are controlled crown rolls.


A small quantity of a substance collected for testing purposes.


(1) A vacuum filter used to recover fines and fillers from white water. (2) A device which screens paper fibers from water. Used to save pulp which might otherwise be lost to the saver.

Sc Paper (Super Calendered Paper)

SC grades, SC A – and SC B, are uncoated high-quality magazine papers. Depending on the quality they have different furnish and ash content. They are used in a color printing press with high throughput and quality. Today the lower quality is produced on-line with soft calenders or for higher gloss with on-line multinip calenders. Higher quality grades, SC A and SC A+ are produced with off-line calenders.


Foreign material on the surface of the paper.


The process of producing a work schedule.


A device used to separate undesirable objects from pulp.


Centrifugal perforated screens used to separate fibers and foreign materials and also to deflocculate fiber bundles and lumps. After passing through the centriscreen, the stock goes immediately to the head box.

Seal Pit

Chest which contains the drop leg lines that seal the vacuum of the suction boxes.

Secondary Fan Pump

Variable speed stock delivery pump to the head box. The speed of the pump controls the amount of water to the head box.

Semichemical Pulp

A pulp produced by a mild chemical treatment of the raw material followed by a mechanical fiberizing operation.


The time an employee has been employed in the mill, a department, and line of progression.


A pressure vessel used to collect condensate from dryer sections. The condensate then separates into flash steam and condensate.


Rolls of paper wound to specific and identical diameters on the winder.


A pipe or channel, usually closed but not normally full, which is used to carry waste water.

Shade Matching

Making a paper sheet having the same shade of color as a sample by addition of the proper amounts and types of dyes to the fiber furnish.


A mechanical device which causes the fourdrinier foils to oscillate in the cross machine direction for formation purposes.


A pulley generally mounted on a shaft. Mill usage of the word is usually in connection with drives or ropes on the paper machine.


After the web of paper forms on the wire, it is commonly referred to thereafter as the sheet.


A small bundle of wood fibers that have not been separated completely in the pulping operation.