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The material in a water solution.


The metal cylinder which the paper reel is wound around.

Spreader Roll

A high crowned roll used to spread the paper web.


Nozzles on the front and back of the machine usually before the couch. They cut a strip of paper off the sheet edge by means of high-pressure water.


An amount of material, labour, of other measurable entities used in the production of a given amount of pulp, paper, or finished goods based on historical records.


(1) A powdered product derived from corn or other vegetables; used as a solution in water for internal or surface treatment of paper to improve its properties. (2) Material which is used as a sizing for paper. Usually made from corn.

Static Electricity

Electrical charge which may exist in paper which has been improperly dried or has sustained excessive pressure in calendering. It is particularly apparent in paper which is too dry, but it can also exist in properly dried paper which has become affected by local atmospheric conditions after shipment.


Steamshower for the Fourdrinier or press section of a paper machine.

Stem Trap

A mechanical device for separating steam from condensate in a pipe line.


Diluted or wet pulp at any stage in the manufacturing process.

Stock Prep

The area where chemical additives are prepared for addition to paper furnish.

Store Stock

High-priority maintenance items which are kept in stores inventory to provide ready access by the mill.


The department head responsible for the storeroom.

Stores Code

A number assigned to each different storeroom item.


Steel bands used for strapping skids and pallets of cartons.


Visible lines in the sheet caused by uneven drainage or roll marks.

Stream Flow Valve

A valve on the discharge end of the fan pump to control the amount of water going to the head box.


The elongation of a strip of paper when subjected to pulling. The term is colloquially but incorrectly used to indicate expansion caused by moisture absorption of a sheet of paper.

Stretch Roll

A mill term referring to a device for adjusting the tension on paper machine clothing.


A term which describes the papermaking material when ready for the paper machine. Also called stock.