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Table Roll

A revolving fourdrinier roll in contact with the wire. It creates a vacuum as it turns which removes water from the sheet.

Tapered Header

Rectangular tapered box (front to back) through which stock flow to the head box is equalized across the machine.


A measure of the resistance of paper to a tearing force in the machine and cross direction.

Technical Services

The department responsible for the technical areas of the mill, including environmental, energy, etc.

Technical Staff

Laboratory workers that perform sampling and testing.


The strength of paper when it is subjected to a pull from each end, usually expressed in pounds per square inch.

Tensile Strength

The force parallel to the place of the specimen required to produce failure in a specimen given width and length under specified conditions of loading.

Tension Roll

Roll usually before the size press and calender stack that is moved vertically by the sheet. This compensates for minor speed changes in the dryer sections, maintaining a uniform sheet tension.

Test Station

An area designated and equipped for testing within a production department.

Thick Stock Pump

A positive displacement pump used to pump stock of high consistency.


Adjustment screws located on the head box slice which serve to even up the weight and moisture profile by raising or lowering the slice in isolated areas.

Tickler Refiner

A refiner used to break up any large pieces of broke and to control the couch vacuum and wet end line on the machine.


Tissue papers are light papers with ideal softness, strength and absorbency.

Titanium Dioxide (Tio2)

Filler added to paper which has extremely good brightening properties and improves opacity.


A chemical test which uses a reagent of known concentration to determine the amount of another chemical in a sample solution by adding the known reagent to the sample at a controlled rate until an indicator in the sample changes color.

Top Wire

On the twin wire former the top wire's purpose is to eliminate two-sidedness of the sheet.

Tour Supervisor

Reports to department superintendent; responsible for safety, quality and the production of people on his shift.

Trade Tolerance

Specific plus and minus allowed in the finished product.

Tri-Nip Press, Now-Draw Press, Sym-Press Ii

A cluster of four press rolls arranged to form three roll nips with no open draws.


(1) Maximum width of finished paper that can be made on a paper machine, expressed in inches. (2) Indicates the maximum width of finished paper which can be made on a particular machine.