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A unit on the fourdrinier that combines the effect of foil blades and suction boxes that remove water.

Vacuum Boxes (Flat Boxes)

Rectangular boxes with a perforated top over which the stock passes. Water is removed by the vacuum applied to the boxes.

Vane Section

The section of the head box where intensive high turbulence is created just before the stock is delivered to the slice. At the inlet to the vane section is a stainless steel baffle plate that has the effect of keeping the area clean of fibers.

Variable Speed Drive

A mechanical device which is used to change the speed of a machine and maintain constant speed on the drive motor.

Vellum Finish

A full toothy finish which is relatively absorbent for fast ink penetration usually applied to text papers.

Vib Airtechclassic

A spraydampening system with fine droplets to increase paper moisture level and control moisture profile.

Vib Airtechplus 6

A spraydampening system with micro droplets to increase paper moisture level and control moisture profile.

Vib Curltech

Steamshower to control on-line curl in both cross and machine direction.

Vib Glosstech

Minimum size type of steamshower for supercalender and off-line multinip calender.

Vib Moisturetech

The VIB MoistureTech is a single side/both side steamshower to control on-line moisture in cross and machine direction.

Vib Smoothtech

Steamshower for the on-line calender.

Vib Steamtech

Steamshower for the Fourdrinier or press section of a paper machine.

Vib Watertechpc

Hydraulic high-flow spray system.


The measure of the strength of pulp found by its resistance to flow.