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Digester And Blow Digester

"Large pressure vessel in which wood chips are cooked to separate fibers from each other and from undesirable particles in the wood. To ""blow the digester"" means to release the pressure and empty the contents of the digester."

Digital Hardware Station (Dhsplus 6)

The Digital Hardware Station manages the flow through the digital valve blocks. Setpoints are sent from the Integrated Process Station using measurement system data.

Digital Valve Block

The digital valve is used to control the amount of water of each control zone. Each valve block has 6 solenoids. With the combination of the setpoints for the solenoids the water flow is controlled in 64 steps from minimum to maximum flow.


The addition of water to lower concentration.

Dimensional Stability

That property of a sheet of paper which relates to the constancy of the dimensions in the machine and cross-machine directions under conditions of different relative humidity.

Direct Process Paper

A fine paper especially designed for treatment with a light-sensitive coating. This paper then becomes the copy paper for diazo reproductions, such as Ozalid. The master for producing these copies can be on Nekoosa Master-Lucent.

Dirt Count

The amount of foreign material expressed in parts per million found in a sheet of paper or pad of pulp. The dirt usually consists of shives or unbleached wood.


A pile of paper which lies in a concave rather than a flat condition. Also applied to the appearance of the end of a roll which is not flat.

Dissol Ving Pulp

A special grade of chemical pulp made from wood or cotton linters for use in the manufacture of regenerated cellulose (viscose rayon and cellophane) or cellulose derivatives such as acetate, nitrate, etc.


A thin plate or scraper of wood, metal, or other hard substance placed along the entire length of a roll or cylinder to keep it free from paper, pulp, size, etc., and thus maintain a smooth clean surface.

Doctor Blade

Strips of metal or high density plastic placed on dryer cans or other rolls that scrap the roll as it revolves. This is to prevent build-up of material from forming on a roll as it runs.

Doctor Dust

Dust that accumulates on doctors. It usually consists of fuzz from the paper. It may be attracted to the paper from the doctor and be pressed into it.

Dox Air Web Cleaning

Aero surface cleaning system consisting of a vacuum head with a conical suction pipe and a dust extraction unit. The cleaning effect is even and continuous across the full width of the web.

Dox Brush Finishing

System for the improvement of printing properties of coated board and papers as well as art board.

Dox Brush Rollhightech

Brush rollers used as cleaning rollers for polishing, smoothing, matting and moistening. High-precision brush rollers are also installed in DOX Brush Finishing Systems.

Dox Brush Spray Unit

Brush roll spray system to provide an absolutely uniform, very fine spray, across the sheet width.

Dox Electrostat

Electrostatic spray system to re-moisturize the paper.

Dox Knife Dust Removal

Dust removal device for circular knives.

Dox Rotoclean/S

Print paper cleaning system.

Dox Spraytechfine

Spray system to control the average moisture level.