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A warping effect occurring along the edges of paper, particularly across the grain of paper exposed to an excess of atmospheric moisture.


The continuous sheet of paper forming or having been formed and finished on a paper machine. In the finished state a web is not necessarily the full, trimmed width of paper made but may be any portion of the original web wound into a roll for coating, embossing or printing.

Web-Driven Slitters

The turning of winder slitters by the force of the moving paper web instead of by conventional drive motors.


A term describing a closely formed or uniform distribution of fibers in a sheet of paper.

Wet End

The beginning of the paper machine, comprising of the head box, wire and press section.

Wet Strength

The tensile strength of paper if it is wetted after manufacture. Wet strength is increased by adding certain synthetic resins to the furnish.

White Water

(1) A general term for all once-used water which has been separated from stock or pulp and still contains a certain amount of fiber. (2) A general term for all waters of a paper mill which have been separated from the stock or pulp suspension, either on the paper machine or accessory equipment, such as thickeners, washers, and save-alls, and also from pulp grinders. It carries a certain amount of fiber and may contain varying amounts of fillers, dyestuffs, etc.


"Irregular sheet formation. Sometimes called ""snowstorm""."


(1) The device used to cut the reel into individual rolls. (2) Equipment located at the dry end of the paper machine to take the web from the reel, trim off the edges, wind into firm rolls and slit into several rolls if desired.


"The moving ""screen"" at the wet end of a paper machine where the sheet is formed."

Wire (Fabric)

"The moving ""screen"" at the wet end of the paper machine where the web is formed."

Wire Side

"The surface of a sheet of paper which was against the wire when formed. This is opposite the ""felt"" side."

Wire Side (Underside)

The underside of the sheet. It is formed on the bottom wire.

Wire Turning Roll

The roll which drives or pulls the wire.


The impression left in a web of paper by the wire of a Fourdrinier machine.

Worm Roll

Spirally grooved roll that has the effect of spreading a wet felt.


"Creases in paper caused during manufacture. A crease occurring at the presses is called a ""wet wrinkle"", if at the calenders, a ""dry wrinkle""."

Yankee Machine

A type of Fourdrinier paper machine employing a single dryer of large circumference with highly polished surface. The side of the paper coming in contact with this surface takes a glazed finish.

Zone Control Valve

The zone control valve in the VIB steamshower is used to adjust the amount of steam per profile control chamber. They are used in the VIB SteamTech, VIB SmoothTech and VIB GlossTech.