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Chlorine Dioxide-Clo2

Yellow gas used in solution as a bleaching agent. Highly toxic and explosive.

Clamp Marks

Marks in paper produced by the clamps which hold it in position for guillotine trimming.


A large settling basin used as the first -treatment of the mill effluent. The solids or underflow is pumped to the sludge pond while the overflow goes to the aeration pond.


A filler - see filler.

Cleaners (Noss)

Vessels which remove dirt and foreign material from the paper stock by centrifugal action.

Clear White Water

White water that has been filtered through a save-all and is relatively free of fines and fillers.

Clock Number

A number by which an employee is listed on company records and which is used to keep records of that employee's hours worked, etc.

Close Formation

A fiber structure which gives uniform density in a sheet of paper. The opposite of a cloudy or uneven formation.


(1) A term applied to various types of fabrics used on the paper machine. (2) A term applied to paper-machine felts and Fourdrinier wires.


A term indicating unevenness or irregular formation in look-through of paper. It is another term for wild formation.

Cloudy White Water

White water which contains appreciable amounts of filler and fines.

Coarse Paper

A term applied to various grades of paper used for industrial purposes as opposed to grades used for cultural purposes. They can be bleached or unbleached, usually range from a basis weight of 18 pounds or more (24 x 36-500), and are frequently colored or printed or both. Grades falling into this category include wrapping papers, bag papers, adhesive tapes, building papers, heavy-duty envelopes, towels, etc.

Coated Board

Coated board produced from virgin fiber or recycled board, used for producing high-quality cartons for food packaging.

Coated Paper (Lwc Or Mwc)

Coated papers are high-quality magazine papers. They are produced with on-line and off-line coaters for use in printing presses.

Coating Color

The coating mixture in suspension or slurry form which is applied to the surface of the paper or paperboard in the coating process. It includes the pigments, adhesives, dyestuffs, modifiers, and the liquid medium (usually water) required to carry and apply the components to the paper.

Coating Raw Stock

Any paper used as a base paper for coating. The type of paper depends on its ultimate use.


The shade of white that a particular grade of paper is.


The amount of specified material in a given volume of solution.


The water formed when steam cools and condenses.


Allowing a paper sample to remain in a controlled humidity atmosphere until its moisture content remains constant.